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Kids' Guides Set (Library Binding)

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Kids can always use a responsible guide to help lead them through life's experiences. This new series looks at familiar problems children might experience. Through a bright, picture-book style they deal with difficult topics children might have trouble understanding. The illustrated approach stops things getting too serious and ensures that the message gets across by making the books fun to read. Divided into three sections; The Let's talk about section, aims to cast light on why something might be happening, how to recognize the problem and how to make it stop. It offers clear, positive strategies on how to get out of uncomfortable situations. The true stories section covers real-life stories as case studies, sensitively illustrated but with a touch of humor. The books conclude with an Action Stations section which gives practical steps to help get a reader out of an unhappy situation. These range from lists of people to get in touch with to self-defense clubs and support lines.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781410905734
ISBN-10: 141090573X
Publisher: Raintree
Publication Date: March 1st, 2004
Language: English
Series: Kids Guides