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A Dream of Dragons: A Saga in Verse (Hardcover)

A Dream of Dragons: A Saga in Verse Cover Image
By Willem Lange, Mary Azarian (Illustrator)
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NORWAY, 1894 Olav -- son of Erik Bj rnsson -- seventeen, swung his father's scythe and dreamed: The singing scythe Grandfather Bj rn had made and honed each time he found a bit of shade and passed on to his oldest son to pass on to his oldest son to pass until there were no longer sons -- the scythe hissed like the grains of sand on the beach that hiss when a wave falls back and the bubbles burst. The wind that whispered through the grain and dried the sweat upon his arms and chest bore from the west the scent of salt and the distant rumble of the Norwegian Sea. The Viking Age began more than a thousand years ago when the ancient Norse perfected their swift-sailing, dragon-headed longships. Young men, and later whole families, left Norway's rugged fiords in search of open land, trade, treasure, or fame. Many others took to the unknown sea simply because something vague and irresistible beckoned to them. They settled islands all across the North Atlantic and landed in North America more than four hundred years before Columbus. Their exploits are recounted in the ancient Norse sagas. A Dream of Dragons is a proper and modern Norse saga, written with all the power of Melville and Hemingway and a true story now retold in the ageless rhythms of blank verse, as irresistible as the beautiful and specially commissioned woodcuts of Mary Azarian.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781593730895
ISBN-10: 1593730896
Publisher: Bunker Hill Publishing
Publication Date: April 16th, 2011
Pages: 36
Language: English