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Magic Tricks for Kids: Easy Step-By-Step Instructions for 25 Amazing Illusions (Paperback)

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Magic Tricks for Kids: Easy Step-By-Step Instructions for 25 Amazing Illusions By Phil Ackerly Cover Image
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Learn magic and performance skills with 25 astounding magic tricks

Want to learn how to levitate a coffee cup? Magically double your money? Become a mind reader? Discover the secrets to these tricks and more in Magic Tricks for Kids. Watch jaws drop as you perform these wonderful illusions using simple, step-by-step instructions and homemade props.

Gain confidence with easier tricks at the start of the book before moving on to more complex magic tricks that require sleight-of-hand skills. Finally, learn some spellbinding card tricks and how to make items appear out of thin air You'll wow your family and friends while learning the art of a mesmerizing performance.

Magic Tricks for Kids includes:

  • DIY magic--All the magic tricks use simple household objects, making them easy to perform anytime. A chapter on magical crafts also shows you how to make a magic wand, a magic box, and a magic table to help you put on fantastic shows at home.
  • The code--Learn the respected "Magician's Code," including the most important rule--never reveal how the trick is done.
  • More than magic--With sample scripts to go along with each trick, you'll learn the art of patter--injecting your performance with comedy, suspense, and surprise

With Magic Tricks for Kids, you'll blow minds and astonish your friends.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781646118380
ISBN-10: 1646118383
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: September 15th, 2020
Pages: 148
Language: English