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Wellington City Blues (Hardcover)

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Through a series of unfortunate events, twenty-year-old Corey, is left homeless in Wellington city. His out-of-the-ordinary experiences teach him to see the world through different eyes. Disgusted by the modern world, he embarks on an urban odyssey in order to find peace and freedom in a world gone mad. Throughout his adventure, he encounters people from his past who assist him along the way. His friends offer him a temporary sense of home, along with utilities and tools that would prove to be useful. But, after being jumped by a bunch of hoodlums, he is left, once again, with no backbone, no food, no shelter.

Out of desperation, he seeks refuge at an old friend's house where he reconnects with his best friend from high school, Tony. Like Corey, Tony is experiencing his own problems. After losing his roofing job he is practically homeless, also. Tony resonates with Corey's sense of displacement, and the two boys band together in face of an unforgiving world. However, the boys' search for freedom and peace ironically drags them into the darkest corners of suburbia, where they acquaint themselves with a dysfunctional drug dealing family who provide them with the income they need to flee the town, but, as the boys soon discover, this type of lifestyle doesn't go without its fair share of consequences.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781915073051
ISBN-10: 1915073057
Publisher: Srl Publishing
Publication Date: April 12th, 2022
Pages: 270
Language: English