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Vegetarian dog food recipe guide: Includes meals for vegan dogs (Paperback)

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Vegetarian dog food recipe guide: Includes meals for vegan dogs By Charlie Fox Cover Image
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The way you feed your dog, is, of course, entirely your choice. It may be that you have environmental issues from which you discern your choices, or that your lifestyle of a vegetarian or vegan diet, or the relevant offshoots, determine the way you wish you and your pet to live, or simply (but not the best scenario), is that it can be easier to feed you and your family (including Henry Hound) on the same foods. One thing is definite, so let us start by busting the myths. You love your dog/s, you want to do the best for them and in return they give that love back a million-fold. Dogs are OMNIVORES, not carnivores, as many misguided people would like us to believe. Yes, dogs go back thousands of years and had to hunt in the wild, often scavenging, eating dead carcasses etc. - (hence the BARF diet) - but that scavenging also entailed vegetables, fruits, grains and even earth Dogs do not need meat to survive, and it is neither cruel nor unfair to feed them a totally vegetarian or vegan diet.You will also find great reference material and recipes for health conditions, as well as pescatarian meals dogs will love.
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ISBN: 9781927870761
ISBN-10: 1927870763
Publisher: Canadian ISBN Provided
Publication Date: May 18th, 2020
Pages: 166
Language: English