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Walk the Renaissance Walk---A Kid's Guide to Florence, Italy (Paperback)

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Walk the Renaissance Walk---A Kid's Guide to Florence, Italy Cover Image
By Penelope Dyan, John D. Weigand (Photographer)
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Florence, Italy was the home of Dante, who was born in 1267 and baptized in its Baptistery. It was also the home of Galileo, Michelangelo, Donatello and many others. It's a fun place for a kid. And to peak their interest in this book, there is also a free video on YouTube that goes along with this book to enhance the learning experience where Penelope Dyan sings Cole Porter's song "Would You Like To Take a Walk?" (1931) The video has the same title, so it should be easy to locate on Bellissimavideo. Florence is a place that if it is presented correctly can infuse the imagination and enlighten the spirit. Just walking the famous Renaissance Walk will leave you in awe. . . inspired. . . as you realize you are walking where greatness once walked, Once again Penelope Dyan and John Weigand have joined forces to present another wonderful travel guide for kids, and this one also imparts a very important lesson, So walk the walk and see the sights, and small the smells of Florence, Italy. Take in its unique beauty. Remember who walked there before you and feel inspired. Penelope Dyan is an award winning author, poet and illustrator of children's books, and John D. Weigand is a director of television engineering whose photographs can only inspire. Add this book to your collection of Bellissima Books that are meant for kids, but look great on your coffee table. This book proves once again that Bellissima loves kids, and kids will love this very special Bellissima Book. In fact, Dyan and Weigand were made aware of two typos in this book, now corrected-because Bellissima wants to present the most positive learning experience it can for your child-And please note if you are offended by great works of art and do not truly appreciate them, then you probably should not go to Florence, Italy, because Florence and Italy all about art and music, and Italian children make both music and art a part of their lives. There is no spoon feeding with these books, and they are meant to be added to the same way one adds to a college textbook-and even the youngest child should ask questions so they can learn all they can learn and be all they can be This is a picture book aimed at the younger pre-school and kindergarten set, but even older children can make this book their own, because kids like to have fun and lots of it This book and other Dyan books are recommended by teachers and on teaching websites. Here is what Travel Europe Italia has to say about this book: "Telling Florence, in all of its historical and artistic forms, to children and adolescents. Penelope Dyan, the author of this guide of Florence, is a writer, poet and talented illustrator of books for youngsters. For this work she collaborated with John D. Weigand, great photographer and television director. In this volume children are invited to retrace the paths already traveled by Galileo, Michelangelo and all the great painters, architects and artists of the Renaissance and Middle Ages. Young readers are thus immersed in the atmosphere of a dreamy trip." ttp: //
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ISBN: 9781935118701
ISBN-10: 1935118706
Publisher: Bellissima Publishing
Publication Date: June 12th, 2009
Pages: 42
Language: English