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Atoms and Molecules Meet (Paperback)

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Atoms and Molecules Meet By Rebecca Woodbury Cover Image
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In the Atoms and Molecules Meet leveled reader, fundamental science facts in chemistry are explained through simply written text and colorful, fun illustrations. Children will discover that everything we see, touch, and taste is made of atoms. Atoms are the fundamental building blocks of matter and can link together to make molecules. Electrons on the atoms form the links, or bonds, in molecules, and atoms and molecules can bond to make more molecules.

Children will learn that chemical reactions occur when atoms and molecules link together and also when molecules break apart. These chemical reactions must follow rules that state which atoms and molecules are able to link. Several examples of reactions are given, showing some different atoms and molecules they can form. Examples are also given of ways in which some chemical reactions can been seen; for example, as indicated by bubbles, fire, small particles forming, or color change. Chemical reactions are occurring all the time, and examples of reactions that happen in everyday life are shown.

A pronunciation guide of scientific terms is included. 24 pages filled with engaging, colorful illustrations. Reading Level 1-3, Interest Level 2-5.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781950415113
ISBN-10: 1950415112
Publisher: Real Science-4-Kids
Publication Date: May 12th, 2020
Pages: 26
Language: English