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If Wine Could Talk (Paperback)

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An approachable, enjoyable, and enlightening introduction for anyone who wants to learn more about wine.” —  Kirkus 

"...entertaining and edifying and will inspire anyone who dreams of working in wine, or just dreams of wine."- Brian Keyser, Co-Author Composing The Cheese Plate; Owner, Casellula Cheese & Wine

"Written with great passion and rare candor, Kara Joseph's If Wine Could Talk invites us to grapple with universal lessons of life while taking a journey into the world of wine. Part memoir, part wine education, this delightful and inspiring page-turner will keep you up way past your bedtime." - Lisa Denning, The Wine Chef Blog

Unlike most soon-to-be college graduates, Kara Joseph found something in wine she couldn't quite explain. It had nothing to do with the penny wine nights down at the local pub or the off-campus mixers. It called to her. It brought people together. The mystery and unshakable feeling that it was more than just a drink led her on a journey toward becoming a sommelier, taking on Napa Valley and New York City, and finding the answers in wine she desperately yearned to discover. Pursuing wine as her passion brought Kara adventures, struggles, and an insatiable desire to understand wine to the core.

?If Wine Could Talk intertwines two stories, one of a young girl's narrative molded by wine and the other being the answers to all your need-to-know wine questions. Follow Kara's story of defying limiting beliefs, choosing a challenging but rewarding path, and sharing the soul of the vine. So pour yourself a glass and dive into a tale that only an unconventional wine-filled life could create, and begin your own journey of wine discovery with an education on all the wine basics. You might even impress your friends at the next wine tasting.

About the Author

Kara Joseph is a certified sommelier and a writer with an incurable case of wine wanderlust. She has traveled to famous vineyards around the globe, tasting with copious winemakers. Her young career has already included teaching a myriad of wine classes, which bring her immense joy. She believes wine is the ultimate connector and is determined to spend her days listening to and sharing what it has to say. Her pursuit to understand wine more deeply took her down an unconventional path early in life. Whether it was her move to Napa Valley after graduating from the University of Florida, her solo trip to Europe, or her unrelenting desire to conquer NYC's wine scene, Kara has discovered that by immersing herself into the diverse world of wine, the adventures can be endless. Kara's unique experiences have molded her into an unexpected storyteller. Wine has taught her its secrets and instilled in her the power to teach. More importantly, people have inspired her to share everything that she has learned along the way. With her first book, If Wine Could Talk, she aims to pass on to you a bit of the magic that wine has given her.

Praise For…

“Interspersed throughout her informative and engaging memoir are sections demystifying the process of cultivating and producing wine as well as covering the practices that have long labeled wine experts as elitist. Without any air of pretension, Joseph invites readers to consider the social and cultural importance of wine as well as the nuances of savoring it that anyone with a little time and research can master...An approachable, enjoyable, and enlightening introduction for anyone who wants to learn more about wine.”
— Kirkus

“Kara Joseph's latest book If Wine Could Talk is a fresh, breezy, and charming tale of personal and professional growth. Highlighting achievements in Napa Valley and New York, we bear witness to her accomplishments, one bottle of wine to the next. Rather than simply dreaming of a career in wine, Joseph transforms herself from outspoken enthusiast to a well informed and fully qualified sommelier. Interspersed with highly informative explanations about wine making, flavor profiles, growing regions and more, every page is informative, educational and enjoyable.” 
— Jeffrey Spear

If Wine Could Talk is a vividly written adventure story with easy-to-understand wine education tips along the way. Through conversational storytelling and travel stories, readers will gain knowledge and confidence when drinking, ordering or purchasing wine.  This is a great volume to add to your library or share with wine enthusiasts looking to further their enjoyment and understanding of the multi-faceted international world of wine." 

— Chef Tom Gray

“Kara Joseph has taken her compelling personal history and combined it with a straightforward, unpretentious, indeed quaffable, wine compendium. If Wine Could Talk is at turns entertaining and edifying and will inspire anyone who dreams of working in wine, or just dreams of wine.”
— Brian Keyser

“Like Kara, I got into wine at a very young age. My journey began while working in a Liquor Store and I spent many a three-hour break in the college library reading every wine book and article I could find. Most were written by British authors and were quite intimidating. I wish there was a book like this when I started in the business. In a very conversational style, Kara provides a roadmap for those new in the business. Even the science – and yes there is serious science – is presented in a way that is very easy to understand. Her slice of life approach will explain why so many of us get in the wine business for love or money and also why we stay in it for just the love of wine.” 


— Geoff Labitzke MW

“Being in the wine industry as the winemaker for Sequoia Grove, I regularly use the phrase ‘wine is life’--Ms. Joseph lives this phrase like no one I’ve ever met. Read this book if you want your life to be filled with more joy, connection, passion, excitement, humor, enjoyment, and oh, yes, WINE!  All that, plus you’ll have a guidepost for pursuing your dreams while learning about wine.” 

— Molly, Winemaker

"If wine could indeed talk, what would it say? As interpreted by Certified Sommelier and Author Kara Joseph—it would tell you that there is still much joy to be found in the world: joy in life, joy in wine and—most definitely—joy in personal connections. Part memoir and part wine education, Kara creates a balanced story in her book that can appeal to a variety of readers. And as a dynamic wine educator with amazing credentials, she offers up a healthy serving of wine knowledge that will fill up the reader enough to take them very far in their personal exploration of wine and the overall wine world. It’s tender, generous and empowering." 
— Charles Springfield

“Written with great passion and rare candor, Kara Joseph’s If Wine Could Talk invites us to grapple with universal lessons of life while taking a journey into the world of wine. Part memoir, part wine education, this delightful and inspiring page-turner will keep you up way past your bedtime.” 

— Lisa Denning

“Imagine the experience you had drinking your favorite glass of wine. Then, imagine that glass of wine transformed into a book about wine. That’s this book. Enjoy!” 

— Brian Golter

"Wine novices as well as wine sophisticates will appreciate – no, they will love – this book. It is the perfect pairing of the story of a young woman’s remarkable odyssey along with a comprehensive course in wine appreciation. Kara Joseph’s personal journey is a delightful adventure that recounts her determined pursuit of the secrets of the vintner’s art. Neatly woven into the book and parallel to the drama of author’s own narrative is an easy-to-follow yet authoritative seminar on “everything you ever wanted/needed to know about wine.” Written with superb clarity, this book accomplishes the amazing feat of being both Wine 101 and a graduate course in the subject. As the title of the book promises, if wine could talk, this is exactly what it would want you to know. Cheers!” 

— Dr. Wayne Wood
Product Details
ISBN: 9781950906949
ISBN-10: 1950906949
Publisher: Indigo River Publishing
Publication Date: September 21st, 2021
Pages: 224
Language: English