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We are taking a break from Book Trades.

We hope to resume trades within the next few weeks.

Thank you!

Trading Books

We are proud to provide the opportunity for you to trade your gently loved books in exchange for store credit towards the purchase of other used books. Here is how it works:

Books can be traded for STORE CREDIT—no money is involved. Store credit can be used towards USED and REMAINDER BOOKS, and not for NEW BOOKS.

We reserve specific hours to devote to accepting book trades from the community; we are not able to accept books in trade outside of these specific times. To avoid being disappointed, please do not bring in books for trade at times other than specific trading hours. Our trading hours change frequently, so please check this page to confirm our upcoming trading hours and ensure we will be able to help you.

We have a strict 30 book limit per trade. Trading books with us is a selection process and it is very likely that we will not select all of the books in every trade. Please increase your chances of a successful trade by only bringing in high-quality books.

Trades typically take 15-30 minutes and evaluations will be done while you wait. Sorry, we cannot allow you to “drop off” books for evaluation. Also, we do not accept “donations” or recycle unwanted books for customers. We suggest donating unwanted books to a church or library sale.

We are not able to make appraisals of your "collectible" or "anitquarian" booksGenerally, if you are seeking a “collectible” value for your books in trade, we suggest that you sell them yourself or enlist a service that will sell them for you at a commission. We do not provide this service.

We are only able to accept a very limited quantity of children’s books in trade. Within this limited quantity, our focus is on popular chapter books, and only if they are in “like new” condition. Please be advised that if you bring in other kinds of kids books it is unlikely that we will accept them in trade.

Books we will evaluate for trades:

  • Books must be in new or excellent condition inside and out (no stickers, soiling, foxing, markings, underlining, creases, or stains)

  • Adult poetry and fiction, including mystery and sci-fi

  • Adult nonfiction, including history, science, philosophy, psychology, etc...

We are not interested in:

  • Magazines and other periodicals

  • Soiled, stained, creased, mildewed, water damaged, or shopworn books

  • Obsolete, outdated, defunct, or otherwise irrelevant titles

  • Time Life, Reader’s Digest, or other promotional books

  • Textbooks

  • Romance novels

  • Advance readers copies

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